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Outdoor Fixed LED Display

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X Stage Rental LED Screen 

Ultra-thin Rental Led Screen Display With Angular Adjustment 
&. Pixel pitch can be 3.91mm,4.81mm,5.28mm and 6.25mm; Cabinet Size can be 500*500mm or 500mm*1000mm
&. Die-casting Aluminal frame, Lightweight, ultra-thin body of the screen design, effectively saving freight costs.
&. Radian lock scale design it can connect with 15°-15°any kind of radian type.
&. Popular apply to main screen, sides screen, sky screen, dancing floor screen combination use.
&. High contrast ratio, high refresh rate makes the screen without any delay or smear phenomenon.
&. Status indicator on backcover lets you know the working status of LED cabinet without opening backcover.
&. Cost-effective solution and very popular