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Quality Indicators of Full Color LED Display
Large LED display has been widely used in our daily life, its display technology also have been improved. At present, the display effect of LED display screen is very good, it occupies a large marketing share. So, how do we know the quality of LED display screen ? The important indicators that reflect the quality of full color LED display are as following.
 Indicators Reflect the Quality of Full Color LED Display

First, the failure rate
The full color LED display is made up of a group of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of red, green, and blue LED dots elements, the failure of any color will affect the overall visual effect. In general, according to the industry experience, the failure rate of full color LED display should not more than three ten thousandths.
Second, the anti-static capability
LED is a semiconductor device, and it is sensitive to static electricity, which can easily cause static electricity fail, so the anti-static capability is essential for the working life of LED display screen.
Third, the consistency
Full color LED display is composed of numerous red, green and blue LED lamp, so the brightness of each LED lamps will determine the brightness consistency, white balance consistency and color consistency of the whole screen.
Fourth, the brightness
LED brightness is an important determinant of the display's quality. The higher the brightness of LED display products, the more the saving of current power, it is good for power saving and keeping stability.
Fifth, the attenuation characteristics
Red, green and blue LED lamps have brightness decay characteristics. LED chip's strengths and weaknesses, the quality and level of the auxiliary material packaging process determines the decay speed of LED display screen. The color decay consistency of full color LED display will greatly affect the white balance in the future, then it affects the color fidelity of LED display screen. 
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