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LED Display Industry keep developing.
With the development of society and economy, people's living standard has been significantly improved. LED display marketing has great potential. In recent years, the growth rate of LED display industry is very rapid, its profit is rising. Thanks to the external environment, LED display industry gets the long-term development. So, what are the external conditions of LED display industry ?
The External Conditions of LED Display Industry 
First, the support of national industrial policy
The State Council, the Ministry of Science, Development and Reform Commission and the local government has implemented a number of industrial policy to promote the development of LED display industry, it plays an important role for the upgrading of industrial structure. Under the background of industrial policy support, the industry scale will expand, the competition of LED display companies will improve.
Second, the wide range of LED display marketing
In last several years, LED display products have been widely used in many fields,such as decorative landscape lighting, large screen display, traffic lights, home appliances digital display, car lights, mobile phones, digital cameras and computers,etc. Its marketing share has increased steadily, the new application areas come into being, which creates a good market space for the development of LED industry.
Third, LED display technology has advanced, cost reductions will boost industry demand
At present, limited by the upper reaches of LED core devices and other costs, prices of high-end LED display products are high, which creates obstacles for the development of LED display industry. With the improvement of technology, prices of LED display products will decline, its market capacity will be further enhanced.
Fourth, the industry standards continue to improve
The applications of LED display screen is becoming more widely, its industry standards continue to improve.The establishment of the above industry standards and specifications will help promote the orderly and standardized development of LED display industry. 
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