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Choosing Content For Your LED Screen

LED screens are eyecatching. Whether you are standing in line at the bank, sitting in the stands at a sports event, or driving along the highway, it is hard to miss the bright, cheerfully blinking messages on LED screens. This innovative and popular advertising medium is giving new creative power to advertising executives, copy writers and graphic designers.

Types of Content

LED screens can scroll text and scroll through a series of pictures. As screen resolutions improve, they are increasingly used to display streaming video content . Because you can stream or scroll different content, it makes sense to share your LED screen with someone else. Either rent time on one or rent time to an advertising partner to offset your own costs.

Essentially there are two types of content for LED screens:

• Information content
• Advertising content

Indoor LED screens are just as likely to be used for information as they are for advertising. Often a single screen will scroll or switch between both types of information. Because the displays flash and change, you want to keep a couple of things in mind:

• Get straight to the point – in  a couple of simple words or simple graphic
• Position the LED Screen at the appropriate distance from the viewer

Seen too closely, LED screens can be choppy, so use simple pictures in bright colours or few words to convey your message.

Advertising on LED Screens

If you are renting time on an LED screen or if you are using your own to scroll through several content pages, then remember that viewers will only have a few seconds to see, read, and internalize your message. So, the simpler the better.

For indoor LED screens, you have a little more flexibility for conveying more complex messages where you possibly have a captive audience. But outdoor LED screens are likely to be positioned where people are driving by in cars and will only have a second or two to absorb your message.

At sports stadiums and other outdoor locations with captive audiences, you may have rented time on an LED screen so your advertising message will be interleaved with other advertisers to maximize revenue. All the more important to make your ad memorable with bright colours and simple pictures so that it stands out easily from the competition.

Information on LED Screens

With some notable exceptions, information signs are most likely to be indoor LED screens. The same rules, however, apply. To convey the maximum amount of information, scroll through multiple simple messages, rather than try to convey one long, complicated message. People will be glancing at the screen rather than watching it as they would a TV screen. So keep the message short and full of information.

By thinking through who will be looking at the screen, and what you need to convey to them (whether an advertising message or an information message) you will be able to capture their attention in no uncertain terms with LED screens.

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