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Led screen helps launch products

LED screens are big, bold and eye catching. Just what you need to launch your new product. It’s easy to find LED screens for rental so if you are on a tight budget, or just starting out, consider renting one. If you are a large company with a healthy advertising budget, consider renting several.

LED screens for rental are big business and are being used in creative ways. There are multiple ways to rent; mobile billboards are mounted on trucks that can position a screen practically anywhere you want it for any period of time. Consider reaching masses of people by driving a truck mounted LED screen to a sports event and parking it.

Rent For Trade Show

Want to take your show on the road, say to a trade show? LED screens for rental are ideal in a situation like this. You rent them for the duration of the show and then return them. At a trade show where many competitors flock with similar products, it is important to stand out from the competition. LED screens are bright and great for getting a simple message across quickly, like my booth is right here, so your potential customers can find you easily.

Share Advertising Costs

You can even leverage an LED screen for rental by renting them out to someone else. In fact LED screen rental companies will help you find partners for sharing advertising costs.

Still not sure you want to invest in an LED screen for rental? Instead of renting an LED screen, how about renting space on someone else’s LED screen. Getting the word out on a new product means getting the word to many different people.

Use It At Local Events

If you are a small business, think about who else might be using an LED screen in your local area. For example, some schools are using them at sporting events. They make school sporting events look professional, and generate additional income from local business sponsors. Local doctors might run ads for sports physicals, or dentists might advertise special deals for orthodontics (both appeal to a school audience and their parents). You could get sponsorships for sports drinks, energy bars, local stores selling athletic apparel, and so on.

Take advantage of the programmable and versatile display capability of LED screens for rental by creating ads that scroll. You can generate several of your own ads, or rent space to other local businesses to offset the cost of your rental. No harm in generating a little extra revenue while you wait for the profits to roll in on your own product.

Where To Locate Your LED Screen

LED screens are revolutionizing the way advertising is done. Companies that use LED screens as part of their advertising strategy are seeing returns almost immediately. You can either buy them or rent them, and you can use a combination of screens for your business. You can position them anywhere - both indoors and outdoors.

Some businesses will post one outside their business to attract attention and let people know they are there. They will post another one inside to give people something to look at while they wait for service (a great way to advertise, and a great way to generate income by advertising for other companies on your LED screen).

You can also rent space on other indoor and outdoor LED screens to advertise your business. For example, consider renting space on an outdoor billboard along the highway operated by the city council. Keys to successful positioning are:

• Plenty of foot traffic
• People waiting in line
• Passers by who need to get your message

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