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Maintaining the LED display screen
Although the LED display screen flicker is not a big problem, but it is aheadache problem, not only affects the playback quality, but also affect the mood of the user, then the LED display screen flicker is how to return a responsibility? And the solution method with good what?Today, small make up from there,technical personnel to steal a few strokes, we will share with you the LEDdisplay screen flicker problem. We together have a look:
LED display screen flicker reason:
1 driver loading procedures do not.
Between 2 computer and screen Hu line too long or cable fault.
3 send card is broken.
4 control card bad, check the control card on the lights? If not bright was broken.
The connection line between the 5 power supply and control card is the short circuit.
Output voltage and current of 6 power supply is not stable, with controlpower not card with too much.
LED display flashes corresponding solutions:
If it is the entire screen to spend, figure of new move, generally drive loaderis wrong, re check the driver loader, it is not uninstall reinstall.
There is a possibility of sending card is broken, it would need to be replaced to send a card.
If irregular flashing, normally the system frequency. The replacement system, or adjust the setting parameters, can be solved!
If it is a tiny spots glitter state, may be the graphics driver problem, there may be sending card resolution setting problem.
Another possibility, is the power supply problems (insufficient power supply,information clutter, electromagnetic interference), the design of PCB to consider the power and signal cable wire size, and PCB production process.Module a few more capacitance also has some improvement.
If accompanied by the text flashing (text around the irregular white edge,irregular flashing, text disappears disappear), this is a problem of graphics,in the display properties to cancel "the menu display a shadow", "edge smooth transition effect". It can solve these problems.
And that's the LED display screen flicker, and the LED display screen flickersolution, and they hope to help everyone.
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