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SMD outdoor led display
With the developmrnt of advanced  LED technology, SMD LED screen displays are starting using outdoor environment. As we all know, a few years ago,DIP device outdoor led screen occupied amount of outdoor led screen markets. Today, advanced led technology make led smd display is no longer limited to indoor applications and starting to develop faster on outdoor applications. The pixel pitch is smallar than before.
So What are the Advantages of Outdoor SMD LED Display?

1. Compare to LED DIP display products, SMD display screen posses the advantages of wide viewing angle, good lighting distribution, high contrast ratio. Outdoor SMD LED display not only has wide viewing angle of 110 degrees in the horizontal direction but also has more than 110 degree wide viewing angle in the vertical direction. Therefore, high building outdoor advertisement LED display should need a outdoor SMD full color screen with wide viewing angle to show better advertise effect.
2. Outdoor SMD panel has better consistency while DIP LED lamps (green, red, blue)
Are hard to achieve consistency index. But smd outdoor panel could make these 3 color brightness have a highly consistency. SMD LED board make sure the outdoor full-color smd LED display brightness consistency at any angle to achieve better color fidelity effect.
3. The volume of SMD full-color screen is smaller than DIP, so the luminous area is small and larger black area, which improve the contrast of LED display screen. SMD is packaged in a designed structure, its built-in red, green blue 3 chips that could be as one pixel for the whole screen. However, DIP LED lights only have one color chip built-in, so it needs three different color lamps to put together to be as a pixel, Therefore, the mixing effects of SMD full color display are better than upright oval LED display.
4. Outdoor full-color smd LED display is free to pot glue and the products are more thin, easy and quick installation. Using aluminum alloy cabinet structure design, beautiful shape, easy to assemble. Suitable for LED rental companies, taxi-top screen, mobile media, etc.
5. Outdoor smd panel circuit design can be designed light and drive 2 in 1, easy automated production. Outdoor smd not only improves the reliability also has promoted the production efficiency. More importantly, decrease the cost. According to the above theory, VERYPIXEL summarized as follows: Outdoor smd display has two significant advantages compared to LED DIP screen: firstly, Outdoor smd displays effect and viewing effect is better; secondly, Large viewing angle make outdoor smd more suitable for smaller spacing LED display than DIP LED display.
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