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Black LED for LED video screens

Before answering the question:(Why Black SMD Lights are better for Outdoor Rental Display?) Let’s review the status of rental led screen market.

Generally, black smd price is twice and third times than white SMD lights. Most of leasing customers are sensitive to the prices and currently mainstream product is  white SMD outdoor rental display on market. 
So customers habitual think that black smd will require the same high brightness as white smd LED to meet outdoor rental use.

We here take you break the traditional ideas, learn more about outdoor rental led display’s various benefits of using black SMD lights.

1. Black SMD lamps have high contrast. After testing and analysis of LED display optical performance parameter, we could objective assess that the main indicators of LED video screen’s display effects are image stability, brightness,contrast and view angles. Contrast, which determines the clarity of an LED display. The higher contrast ratio is, the more vivid display images are.


A. White SMD  VS  Black SMD


White SMD VS Black SMD


B. Contrast is the ratio value of LED screen environmental highest brightness and background brightness. Outdoor high background brightness, worse display effect. White SMD through increasing the background brightness to decrease the contrast ratio in hardware; while black smd use a opposite way to increase the contrast.




C. The contrast ratio of black smd rental outdoor screen is : 3000:1, while white smd outdoor rental screen ratio is: 1000:1.


LED display brightness ratio


D. Background brightness is generated by LED display panels reflected light and produced by LED itself. Apparently, the most simple way to reduce the reflection coefficient is to paint a layer of light-absorbing material on the background board. 


E. Background brightness including LED reflection brightness of ambient light. In order to increase the contrast ratio, we could enhanced the surface transmittance of light emitting diodes. Furthermore, in order to reduce the reflection of led light to transmitted light, we could improve the led production process to reduce the internal reflection. On current market, mostly use surface black paint LED and PPA material LED.


PPA material black SMD


Surface Black Painting LED
Advantages: high brightness, low cost, high market share.
Disadvantages: bowl-type, PPA edge with high reflection will affect display contrast.  


F. Increasing contrast ratio can use a with-brim mask to decrease screen surface reflective index and increase led screen body contrast.


module mask brimmed


From above picture, we could see that the mask without brimmed reflective serious; and the mask with brimmed adopt reflective design makes the led board look more clearly(high contrast)



2. Black SMD LED screen show more exquisite display effect.


As above, at the same brightness, higher contrast, looks more exquisite; higher the same color contrast, grayscale display better.


3.Indoor and outdoor both available
Black LED brightness is 2000nit, barely need to lower the brightness to fit indoor application use, matching with  gray compensation technology(depends on IC and control system), the greyscale will not be changed. If use white LEDs, because of great luminance difference between indoor and outdoor environment(5000nit--1000nit), greyscale value fast fall will cause the screen color restore fidelity much too lower.


In summary, although black SMD LED is more expensive than white, it has better display effect and wider ranges of application. Is a multi-purpose, cost-effective products. Long term considerations, select a black led lights outdoor rental product will undoubtedly be a better choice.

- See more at: http://www.verypixel.com/blog/black_SMD_better_for_outdoor_rental_display.html#sthash.LE27YY1j.dpuf
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