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Lltra-HD LED display for small pixel pitch screen

The birth of small pitch LED display means LED display technology enter into indoor application officially. Small pitch LED technology will show it’s advantages of seamless splicing,excellent display effect, sustainable semi-conductor technology and low cost in the near future. Small spacing LED screen is hope to take instead of indoor large scale screen technology gaps. It said that HD small pitches LED screen have over billions of potential market space and will render explosive growth in next few years.

The concept of Ultra HD small space LED display

LED screen’s pixel pitch smaller than 2.5mm, we called it ultra high definition small pitch LED board, referred to as HD LED display. If the styling similar to traditional television and pixel dot smaller than 2.5mm, we called it LED television. Market now within the following specifications Ultra - HD displays: P0.75mm, P0.88mm, P1.0mm, 1.2Pmm, P1.25mm, P1.562mm, P1.875mm, P1.667mm, P1.923mm, P2.0mm, P2.5mm.

Market Development Trend of Ultra-HD LED Display Screen


Step 1 : Enter into some professional indoor large - screen display market
For instance, ultra HD LED screen will show on operating rooms, control rooms, monitoring rooms, video conferencing , studios and other special indoor large - screen display applications. We predicted that ultra high definition LED screen display exit over 20 billion market potential in this filed.


Step 2 : Enter into commercial conferences and education filed
Business conferences including large-scale meetings and small-scale meetings. Large scale conferences mainly started at ceiling hall, hotels and large meeting rooms which could contain hundreds of people. Small meeting rooms refers to over 10 person attending the meeting. Education filed LED applications from primary school to college lecture. We think the above filed exit 30 billion market potential for Ultra HD LED screens.


Step 3 : Enter into high-end household television market
Currently, over 110-inch LED high-end TV display technology vacancy. DLP technology is is difficult to meet the requirements of high-end users. We conservative predicted that ultra HD LED display technology have an effective global market in this area achieve 60 billion. Enter this area, technical progress is still needed, perfect  workmanship and lower costs, moreover, improving the product design, sales channels and good maintenance are also needed.

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