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The new advertising medium of outdoor led screens
The new advertising medium for the 21st century.
Just as television revolutionized the country and the advertising industry in the 1950's, electronic message centers (EMC's) are making history as the new targeted medium that speaks to your most important audience... the people who can drive onto your property and purchase something immediately. As the saying goes, the three most important factors in your business are location, location, and location. Capitalize on your most important resource.
This outdoor impulse buy is quite different. Instead of reaching existing customers already inside your store, EMC's bring more traffic in your stores. This added volume of customers dramatically increases your sales.
You can reach a larger audience more expensively with traditional ad mediums. The problem is what percentage will be inspired, get off the couch, and actually travel to your specific location?
Traditional ads are dead on arrival. They last from 30 seconds to 24 hours. EMC's give you the ability to create a brand new ad every day, hour, minute, or few seconds, free of charge. You can change the marketing to meet the goal if the messages are performing because you own the medium. This flexibility can't be matched.
If you decided to advertise on an outdoor billboard, your monthly rental cost could be thousands of dollars for one static image. Today, the billboard companies recognize potential profit in selling rotations of time with EMC's, and could possibly buy a spot that rotates every few minutes. Own the on premise advertising EMC, eliminate the rental cost, and advertise 24/7.
Showcase your products by day part messages and keep your advertising fresh and in real time. For example, QSR's use the board for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night segments. Your ads will never get stale. More importantly, customers will not get tired of looking at your sign because it is new content every time.
LED Displays where the message is the medium
 Displays uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to create outdoor text message centers and video screens for various applications including electronic billboards, pylon displays time and temperature signs and gas price changers.
The main driving force behind the rapid market growth is it's effectiveness as an on-premise advertising medium. LED displays have the ability to change messages instantly and indefinitely. LED sign owners have the advantage of being in on going direct contact with their customers through their sign messages. Thus the signs become more attention grabbing and are able drive more new business for display owners.
Business owners and outdoor advertising companies of LED sign systems are already experiencing great success with this new way of advertising. Some business owners even claim they get sales increase better than advertising in newspaper ads, direct mailers, print signs or other conventional advertising mediums.
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