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How to find a cheap led signs or led displays
First of all, what is LED and what does it stand for? LED stands for light-emitting diode, and these are light sources that have very bright lights. It has many applications, such as for giving messages, providing illumination, and even measurement/analysis.
So yes, we see digital LED display signs everywhere - church signs, illuminated signs, outdoor signs, scrolling signs, display signs... and the list goes on. Perhaps you are interested in installing your own LED sign for your business. If you want to know where to look for cheap LED signs for sale, here are some ways to help you get started. These tips about LED display signs will help you select the best LED sign at the best price. Here's how to buy LED signs.
Figure out your preferred specs. It's good to start with a plan. Draft a plan as to how you would like your LED sign to be displayed. Factors to consider would include the following: whether it would be shown indoors or outdoors (just remember that outdoor LED signs generally have to be brighter to compensate for ambient lighting by the sun); whether it would have a single color or be multi-colored; what size it needs to be; whether it should be moving or stationary; how many lines your display sign needs; and whether you want to include graphics and animation. You may also choose to buy a ready-made LED sign (typically with standard logos such as "Entrance" or "Exit," "Open 24 Hours," etc.) or you may have your LED sign customized for your specific needs. Be advised, however, that customized LED signs are more expensive than ready-made ones.
Know of some other options. It's good to be aware of some other options regarding LED specifications. For example, you may opt for programmable LED signs that enable you to change and update the messages on the screen very quickly from a centralized location. You may also choose to buy LED signs wholesale or used at much cheaper rates; this is especially applicable if you just need a ready-made, standard LED sign. Before you purchase pre-owned LED signs, however, make sure that you inquire as to how long it's been used (plus an estimation of how many hours it's been lighted), and check also for its conditions. Why not consider renting? Depending on the specs (number of lines, size, etc), renting could typically cost you just around $180 to $600 a week.
Do some comparison shopping online. Once you've outlined the specifications that you need, it's time to do some comparison shopping before you buy LED signs. Things to look out for, apart from prices, are how long the LED life is estimated to be (typically around 100,000 hours), available cables and power supply, how far it can be seen, mounting mechanism (such as racks and brackets), size and accompanying software (for programmable LED signs), as well as warranty details. Some helpful online sites you can visit include shopping.yahoo.com, for easy comparison shopping among different brands; brightledsigns.com; and signssales.com. For used LED signs, you can check out colorledsigns.com. You can also check out relevant pages of LED sign websites, such as its "Specials" and "Clearances" page, to hunt for signs at rock-bottom prices. For wholesale LED signs, visit the following websites: affordableled.com, or 101signwholesale.com.
Buy from shops about to close. This is an inexpensive way to find LED signs for sale. Let's say you're planning to open a barber shop, and you come across another barber shop that's about to close shop. Why not consider buying its "Barbershop" LED sign? This would be a win-win situation, as you would bring in more earnings to the shop owner (for something that he probably won't need anymore), while you would be able to take advantage of the cheap price of this previously-owned sign.
That's about what you need to know if you want to look for cheap LED signs. Remember, use your sound judgment and allot some time to find the best deals, and hopefully you'll find the best quality LED sign around, at the most cost-efficient price. Good luck!
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