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Methods of Outdoor Advertising screen

Now let’s start from the beginning: Demand and current market tendencies. We believe that outdoor advertising screen is an ideal environment for positioning major brands. For this reason the company increases its presence in airports and other major transport hubs in big cities. This plan is essential considering the growing mobility of the large and fairly wealthy middle class. At the same time the company invests heavily into study of the changing city landscape, determining fashionable trends in advertising and perception of advertising. These studies indicate that there are three dimensions in measuring effectiveness: Creative execution; Impact and brand effects; and Sales and R.O.I.

Modern cities are enormous commercial centers, and citizens are indeed only consumers that have to be nudged in the right direction, that is towards shops. Advertisers have to only understand the environment and position outdoor installations as a strategic medium for brands. Market research came up with the interesting scale for measuring the attractiveness of our cities from the point of view of international brands:

  1. The city of potential – Attractiveness - 94%: “Everything is possible and within arm’s reach in the city”;
  2. The city of discovery – Attractiveness - 80%: “I’m forever discovering something different in the city”;
  3. The essential city - Attractiveness - 73%: “I can’t stay away from the city for long”;
  4. The city I can identify with – Attractiveness - 72%: “I feel alive in the city”.

Citizens of all these towns are used to air travel. It means that advertisers have to find innovative ways to position brands in airports. 99% of the time passengers in airports have time on their hands, and the company sees it as a great opportunity to provide some interaction between the brand & the consumer. Passengers are choosy. But even they agree that advertising offered by JCDecaux is pleasant-looking and useful. Here is the statistical data:

  • International Frequent Flyers enjoy airport advertising – 85%;
  • Want more activities, services & distractions - 82% ;
  • Enjoy looking at brand exhibits – 75%.

Today our life is overloaded with information. In these conditions it is important to understand our media environment. How does outdoor interact with other media? In a highly fragmented media world, Outdoor is the last mass medium that can reach targets on the move and work in synergy with other media. It seems that the best interaction today is between outdoor and TV. Complementarity between these two media is evidenced all day long.Market research is traditionally focused on studying consumer behavior. Researching specific targets’ attitudes and purchasing behavior is key to promoting Outdoor in a brand’s communication strategy. It is well-known that 91% consumers buy on impulse when grocery shopping online, instore or during their daily commute. And impulsive buying is directly linked with attractiveness of advertising, of packaging and strategic product placement.

It may be taken for granted that the more people are on the move, the more they are exposed to Outdoor advertising. But how can we measure that exposure, to say nothing of its efficiency? we are one of the first companies that started using objective methods of evaluating advertising efficiency and calculating audience. This is not an easy process. In 1990ies these methods were applied only in two countries – France and Britain. Today there is a pressure from the industry to expand the use of objective measurements and already 20 countries implemented elements of the modern OOH industry measurement system.

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