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World economy and media advertising

The economic crisis will greatly help to develop digital media all over the world. A crisis rages worldwide - not just in our own country. The information we are receiving from various parts of the world via Internet and newspapers about the advertising economic sector is rather misleading.

Whatever the unique local conditions, the reaction of the business sector to the crisis has been approximately the same. Advertising budgets have been considerably and dramatically slashed; all remaining advertising expenditures are strictly monitored and justified.

Today a company cannot afford to embark on an advertizing campaign that may be ineffective. An advertiser wants to see proof of the effectiveness of his campaign, wants to adjust advertising campaign in the process, if necessary. Consequently, the duration of advertising campaigns has been radically shortened. Since the resources are limited, advertising techniques that favor the most effective media should be considered.

TV has got a second wind. In spite of the growing cost of advertising on the central channels, and doubts about capabilities of this media to reach the minds of many customers, it continues to be the nationally favored media. Radio, magazines, and newspapers are going through difficult times, and looking for advertisers. Once again, it seems that the Internet-dimension has the advantage.

To sum up, during this economic crisis, digital media will remain a priority and will continue to receive financial backing.

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