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LED screens and signs for transport display

LED information board on surface transport

The latest hit – LED panels on transport. Our magazine is only interested in LED-based technology and its derivatives. First, LED panels substituted traditional route numbers on city trams, trolley-busses and busses. Later LED signs appeared inside the coaches as monochromatic running letters mostly copying the audio announcements about coming stops and providing at times commercial adverting.

Airports and railway

About the same time it was decided to replace traditional information boards in airports and rail terminals with LED boards. At times, these purely informational boards are hanging side by side with full-color LED video screens that display on-line TV, useful information and images for travelers and advertising.

LED signs on the sides of city busses

A number of city busses in Chicago and New-York equipped with LED signs is close to a hundred but the number is continuously growing. We should say, that there are many variations of placing LED signs on busses. Apart from commercial advertising these LED signs display useful city information about emergencies, road repairs, accidents, etc. Today, GPS allows operators of the LED sign network on transport to differentiate information and supply different data for different target audiences as the buss rolls along its route.

Such approach makes advertising more effective and allows easy monitoring of outdoor advertising. Mass-media already called this program a “revolutionary” approach. However, analysts also point to deficiencies and argue that such transit advertising should not be implemented everywhere yet.

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