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LED screen is an artistic instrument for shaping urban space

Urbanization brings along new communicative media environment where LED-based technology, LED screens and LED media facades combine architecture, art and visual representation.

LEDs have become a paintbrush and canvass for outdoor art that delights viewers. Unlike billboards and electronic message centers, LED sculptures do not have to conform to any shape or specific aspect ratio: rather the sculptural form dictates how the LED screens function within the sculpture. The color and brightness levels create architectural spaces that are chromatically interactive and symbiotically connected to their environment.

Because color and lighting effects are programmable and constantly change the nature of the artwork, pedestrians tend to spend a little more time around a LED sculpture because they don’t want to miss anything. Adding LEDs to the existing sculptural materials gives public places a more theatrical look

LED technology is a powerful tool available to architects and designers in the 21st century. They fantasy and skill will continue to amaze us in future. The internet resources and blogs throughout the world keep posting new photos of creative use of LEDs and LED screens in urban environment.

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