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LED stage decor by LED display

There’s a saying that theater starts with a cloakroom. But theater continues on stage. Today hardly any show can do without stage lighting and screens. Stage decoration has always been a traditional art. But in our age of electronics no tradition is sacred.

What used to be called “theater stills” is no longer still. And a new art is developing fast: the art of stage management. Indeed, using large electronic LED screens for decorating the stage scenery is becoming a must. Even small local shows are arranged to have one or two rental screens for the convenience of the audience. Large LED screens and other types of digital LED based dynamic structures are winning over the showbiz.


We should remember that today LED decorations and screens are no longer an exclusive equipment available only for the world starts’ concerts. LED screens have become affordable and are now used practically everywhere. Recently our correspondent visited a remote village park in China and witnessed a show with a huge LED screen at the backstage.

No doubt, LED applications allow show organizers to create spectacular shows, offer great flexibility in stage decorations. LED screens and LED curtains, LED lighting and other LED based creative applications deeply affect the audiences around the world, became one of the major factors in attracting people to various shows. Constant demand for new stage solutions drives both developers and manufacturers to innovative designs. Once started, the flood of LED inventions will continue unstoppable.

Let’s sit back and enjoy all the present and future shows made beautiful by LED screens.

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