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Irregular LED display screen

When we hear the word “LED screen” or “LED display” we immediately imagine a certain rectangular object with 3:4 side ratio (like a standard analogue TV) or 9:16 ratio (like a screen in a cinema) or something like it. This is not surprising: the majority of LED screens are indeed rectangular and this helps create a stereotype.

Gigantic LED screens are different. Apart from displaying advertising information, they frequently perform other functions, attract attention of the audience by their immense size. The architects, designers and other specialists in urban planning have long realized the potential of huge LED structures. New architectural concepts were born and the industry came up with innovative solutions – the race for unique and unusual LED screen shapes was officially on.

First, the convex LED screens started to appear in different cities around the world. The easily merged into the urban landscape and favorably compared to standard rectangular shapes of other LED screens. The modular construction principle and specially designed plastic allowed to create various curving shapes that naturally follow the curving shapes of the buildings.

Apart from convex shapes we can sometimes encounter concave LED screens (curving inwards). Nobody ever made a statistical evaluation, but convex shapes seem to be prevalent. We found some examples of concave screen shapes in St. Petersburg (Russia) and Las Vegas (USA).We should not forget that for a static viewer the image of a video broadcast (animation or live broadcast) on curved surfaces will be distorted. Therefore, special software was designed to compensate for the curvatures and to correct the visual defects for viewers.

A modular principle of constructing LED screens allows creating various shapes and forms of modules. It is no longer necessary to manufacture rectangular modules, they can be round or diamond-shaped, or stretched into a line or pipe. Such variety of structural elements makes it possible to cover all sorts of buildings with LED modules.

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