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Rental LED screens for video display

Large LED screens are heavy products; they were initially designed to be stationary. However, the moment LED screen became full-color, profit-oriented advertisers decided to use them during short events like shows, concerts, exhibitions, political rallies and such. So, a new type of LED screens was developed that were called rental LED screens. These must be easy to assemble and carry which involves specific engineering solutions. This article is devoted to a short survey of rental screens, the ways they are used and maintained.

Early in 2001-2003, a Hong-Kong based company Lighthouse was one of the first to explore this new market territory. For rental LED screens Lighthouse started to use metal cabinets with the 20 mm pixel pitch.

The author of this article had a chance to lift these rental cabinets on occasion and remembers that they did not suit the name of the company (Lighthouse), because they were nowhere light – in 2003 the cabinet weighed 100 kg. Luckily enough, the technology moved forward fast and the weight of metal cabinets dropped significantly. Today, rental companies demand that individual cabinets weigh within 30 kg.

Later engineers proposed to use frame structure instead of cabinets to further reduce the weight. In this case, individual modules are assembled on a light aluminum frame into LED panels of about 1 sq. meter each. This is the approach suggested by the Russian manufacturer “ATV Outdoor Systems”. LED panels are easy to transport and assemble which makes this type of rental LED screen quite popular among the rental companies.One of the traditional and typical solutions for a rental LED screen in the utilization of stage metal supports. Reliable, convenient and easy to assemble…

However, for some applications even frame LED structures are too heavy. Therefore, where weight becomes a deciding factor in using the LED screen, customers prefer to use the new type of structure, namely, LED curtains. These are see-through LED modules, which weigh about 2-3 times less than the standard LED module.


Let’s hope that fast development in the LED technologies will lead to advances in quality of rental LED screens to make them user-friendly and fun to watch.

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