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Outdoor LED screens and formats of presenting information

LED screens being digital equipment will display any information fed into the computer. However, from experience we see the urgent need to adapt content to LED screens: perception in the open environment is different and needs closer attention. Content for outdoor LED screen must be created separately, not indiscriminately borrowed from the available TV commercials. This concerns not only an internal plot of a commercial, or enlarged views, larger letter of textual information, but also the need to develop new digital formats for outdoor urban environment.

Here is the place for an interesting example: a creative experiment with outdoor LED screens by the German artist Fred Froelich whose special format clips were displayed for a month on all CityVision outdoor screens in Russia in 27 cities and which helped to drastically increase public approval and awareness of outdoor screens as a useful urban mass media.

The clips consisted of 25 words that are associated exclusively with positive images. Each word had a numerical index calculated by a special formula. The words appeared on screens as bright red letters on black background, and their numerical indices – as black numbers on red background. Until the campaign was completed no explanations were given in the press. At the same time the campaign created quite a stir in public thinking in each of 27 cities.

Another interesting and innovative approach to advertising was demonstrated by a Hong-Kong based company “JM Network”. Unlike other advertisers with traditional short advertising blocks of 6 or 10 minutes, the company introduced commercials of arbitrary length from 5 seconds to 7 minutes and a 10-minute newsreel. The total loop may last between 30 to 60 minutes and always begins with live News broadcast at the beginning of each block.

Their approach to the format of advertising clips is also worth mentioning. The format of frames changes from 9:16 to 3:4 with various linear dimensions. This helps utilize the outdoor screen area better. The commercials maybe fully dynamic video clips or half-static (with minimum dynamic) with or without sound.

By splitting a large outdoor LED screen into sections with socially valid information (like news blocks, weather forecasts or displaying of current time) and commercials, the screen owners increase it’s attractiveness to the public. Consequently, the price of advertising time on such outdoor LED screens significantly grows.

As a result, no matter how often people pass by and look at the outdoor LED screen, they never get used or get tired of it. The outdoor screen transformed a typical street in the maze of “modern concrete jungle” into a place of light and joy.

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