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High quality LED display Requirement.

With a full-color LED display the scope of application of expanded constantly, extending the application areas, people for the quality of the display screen full color LED more and more is also high. So to the high quality LED display, led screen manufacturers need to do the job?


At present, according to our country the LED display industry standard "the LED display general specification SJ/T11141" and "electronic gauges 2 S reliability test GBll463" on the LED display in the reliability test was, in fact, it is difficult to realize not less than 10000 hours MTBF the reliability requirement, more can not meet the requirement of high reliability LED display. And to do with high quality LED display, need the matching products material should have improved greatly, and the research and design in the process to have to include into heat, reasonable and advanced technique.

A research and development, design thought

1, Insist on using the mature, and standardized technology

In LED technology is used on the advanced technology of mature; Design to ensure that all devices processing drop the forehead work of the state; Reliability the use of reasonable operation model: the complete process of standard; In the scheme on full consideration of the index rationality, not blind pursue meaningless high index; In the light

Devices and drive chip choice, using quality materials; Screen body structure on the modular, standardization; In the components on the choice of equipment, consider quality brand.

2, Introducing advanced technology

Adopt the most advanced high-definition image and signal processing system put in, ensure video hi-fi reduction.

The single point brightness correction technology, that is, through the regulation of the current pulse width each LED to control the pixel luminance, realize the whole screen brightness-cause.

Single light color correction technology: make the LED display screen shows the true nature colour, realize the true color reduction; Each pixel color coordinates of the same color the error between the train X, y< 0.003, ensure the LED display color reduction of uniform consistency.

Year after year to eliminate brightness attenuation: display largest white balance adjustment factory should be greater than the actual when using brightness of brightness. By the manufacturer of a regular on brightness point by point correction, guarantee the screen in the operation process of the correction in vain value is not lower than the practical need brightness brightness.

3 and reasonable

The use of reasonable operation model, increasing parallel link, reduce serial link, using a hot backup technology and double road from the structure. Because of the cost and the display screen technology feasibility, operation model cannot all the parallel model. Parallel model of the same unit and products to work, as long as there is-a unit not fault, the product will not failure.

Second, choose reliable supporting products material

1, The LED lights and chip.

LED lamp is both LED tube, it is the key to LED electronic display device so to make use of the reliable quality, packaging mature LED products. Choice of LED products must meet the following requirements:

Good stability, discrete small.

ESD index high: HBM greater than 4000 V.

Attenuation extent small: 1000 hours less than 5%

Compression ability: Vr = 10 V, Ir< 2 uA

The brightness, wavelength, and Angle high consistency.

Light distribution effect: the perfect light distribution curve.

Can resist the temperature difference, damp and ultraviolet ray, be applicable to the outdoor environment.

2, body.

The whole steel or aluminum, using open the door structure. In the case of the pin and the bottom of the orientation, ensure between the positioning. The whole protection accord with IP65 standards, another structure fully consider the heat dissipation problems, etc.

3, Switch power supply.

Display the through the authentication of the power supply famous brand switching power supply module, all the switch power all passes through the strict test, screening, aging. Ensure full compliance with international safety and quality certification requirement, in order to be stable and reliable long-term fitness screen work requirements. In the rated condition. To ensure that the service life of more than 10 years.

4, Connectors.

Connectors is the important system connecting device. Should adopt high quality connectors products, ensure connectors pure gold of the coating thickness, best performance of electrical connections. Guarantee system in high temperature, high humidity environment under a good electrical connection performance, can make the system long-term stable and reliable operation.

5, Circuit board.

Circuit board the flame retardant epoxy sheet, design layout is reasonable, go line standard, meet the electromagnetic compatibility and the stability of the circuit requirements. Processing factory should choose well-known manufacturers of products.

6, Drive chip IC device.

The driving circuit of famous international brands constant current drive chip. In the big temperature range, high precision of keep constant current output and high reliability, can make the uniformity of the display screen and reliability improved significantly. Display system should be the main material by CE, FCC, UL, CCC, ISO9000 certification, etc.

Believe that if do said above, adhere to the reliable supporting facilities material and professional research design technology, must be able to reduce the screen failure rate, and will greatly improve the LED display reliability and stability.

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