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Manufacturing and sales of LED video Screens.
What are the advantages of the video screen ?
The most effective and promising , high-tech advertising medium . LED advertising screens used in outdoor advertising and advertising indoors. Allows you to display a wide range of promotional information - videos, successive pictures, animation , text .
Areas of application of LED screens :
advertising medium
show events ( music concerts , festivals , holidays )
exhibitions, presentations
Commercial demonstration
concert halls , studios
crossings ( w / railway stations , airports)
sports fields and a stadium
The advantages of LED video screen :
Bright, contrasting , colorful video.
Ability to install both indoors and outdoors (outdoor & indoor).
Screen sizes are limited only by your imagination .
LEDs from leading manufacturers (Nichia, Toyoda Gosei, Cree).
Ability to work with any format of the incoming video signal.
Ability to control the screen by remote access .
Convenient program management screen .
Warranty and after sales service.
The screen is not inferior to the world analogues .
In the production of advertising LED screens use LEDs ( display elements ) of two types:
RGB LEDs ( in pixels from 3 LEDs , each located separately)
SMD LEDs ( 3 LEDs in a pixel are combined )
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