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LED Module Malfunction and Solution of LED video display
1. Phenomenon: the whole led display is flickering.
Problem: signal poor connection.  
Solution: re-fix or re-connect signal cable.
2. Phenomenon: dusky LED
Problem: The volage of switching power supply is unconsistent with LED voltage tag. 
Solution: make sure the volage of swtiching power supply is consistent with LED. voltage tag.¡¡
3. Phenomenon: partial LEDs do not work.
A. contact direction correct or not.
B. power output wiring correct or not. 
C. power wire anti-inserted or connectted inversely.
A. re-connect in a correct way.
B. ensure the red wire connect the positive pole,black wire connect the negative pole.
C. check partial the wrong connection , re-connect.
4. Phenomenon: all LEDs do not work
A. no output of the switching power supply.
B. wrong power connection.
A.connect the power switch input and test.
B. check the positive and negative pole of the power supply whether it is right or not.

The above is the basic ways to resolve the errors or led display screen modules.
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