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Purchasing guide for Big LED display
In order to avoid mistake, when bring out a solution, Our sales will discuss with you on the related key factors. Please read below articles which will be useful to you: 
Indoor LED display Signs or Outdoor LED display Signs?
A very important difference of indoor LED display signs and outdoor led display signs is the LED’s brightness, Indoor LED display signs are just bright enough to be seen indoors, but have not bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight. Outdoor led panel signs can be seen and used in full-on, mid-day sunlight, and are weatherproof to withstand the harsh environmental conditions. Sometimes, people choose an outdoor led panel sign for indoor use, they just want the led panel sign to be seen from the street.
Displayed Content: Text or Graphics or Video?
Another important factor that you must consider is the displayed content. That is to say, would you want to display text or graphics or video on your led display screen. If you are looking for a simple, programmable, only text sign, there are plenty of scrolling monochromes to be chosen from. If you want full motion graphic animations in addition to scrolling text, then you have to have some method to create the animated content for your LED display sign (mono or full RGB). Multi-media LED display panels provide a variety of easy-to-use programs that allow you to import graphic animations (or even create them by yourself) in our software. Graphics can be as simple as importing a JPEG or as complex as creating your own custom AVI files.
If to show text message (LED moving sign), then Single line or bi-line or multi-line LED displays?
What do you want your message to display? How many characters do you need on the LED moving signs? And how many lines do you want to display your message. Write down samples of what you want to program into your LED moving sign, and count the letters exactly. Very importantly, you must know the rule that you will need a height of 8 pixels for every line of text, and a width of 8 pixels for every character. An 8 x 96 matrix LED moving sign will display 1 line with 12 characters. Of course, the sign will scroll, so you don’t need all of the letters on screen at once! Also consider that you may need more than one line of text for your message.
Monochrome or dual color or tri color, full color led display signs?
How many colors do you want your led display sign to show? Monochrome signs can show red or green color, and can display up to 256 shades of one color. Some customized colors are available, including blue, Amber, and white etc. Dual color signs are usually made of red and green, can display red, green, yellow at the same time, can display up to 256*256 shades. Tri-color LED signs, also known as full color and RGB displays, are capable of displaying a full range of colors just like a video screen. Usually can display 16.7 million colors, and the high definition RGB displays are capable of displaying up to 4.4 trillion colors!
The Brightness of the LED Displays
The Brightness of the LED Display signs is another important parameter of LED display signs. Typically, outdoors LED panel sign have more brightness than indoors, and DIP LED have more brightness than SMD, so outdoor LED panel signs are usually made of DIP LED and indoor LED display signs made of SMD LED. Surely, the brightness is related to the viewing angle, the higher the viewing angle, the lower the brightness. Most indoor LED displays can have a very wide viewing angle of up to 140 degrees, but they tend to be less bright than outdoor displays. Good roadside or freeway signs should have a wide viewing angle of around 70-110 degrees to give the maximum brightness and the maximum viewing angle. If a sign is only visible from a narrow street, then a narrow viewing angle is acceptable - the trade-off is brighter diodes.

About Viewing Distance of Your LED display sign
Before you custom your LED display sign, you must be sure how far away is from your viewing audience to your sign? Are they in their car driving fast on the freeway, or are they having a walk past your store ? The viewing distance determines the size that your characters will need to be in order for the text to be seen and legible. A good rule of thumb is that a minimum of 1 inch of character height is needed for every 25 feet of distance. For example, a sign 100 feet away from the audience will need text at least 4 inches tall.
Viewing Angle of LED display signs
Viewing Angle is measured in degree, include Horizontal Viewing angle and Vertical Viewing angle. The wider the angle is, the wider the viewing area of the LED display is. Generally speaking, the vertical viewing angle of an outdoor LED display sign is 70 degree, the Horizontal viewing angle is 110 degree.
That is, outdoor LED display signs are good to be seen at up to a 70 degree angle up and down, and are good to be seen at up to a 110 degree angle to either side of the sign. Indoor LED display signs are good to be seen at up to a 120 degree angle up and down, and are good to be seen at up to a 160 degree angle to either side of the sign.
What pitch? What resolution? What size?
Resolution refers to the number of LED pixels. A pixel can be made up of one LED or a cluster of 3, 4, 6, or more. Pitch is the distance between the centers of one pixel to another. The smaller the pitch, the closer the LED pixels; therefore, the resolution of the display is higher.
When make sure the display of your idea, we will report and study the related parameters to bring out the most suitable solution.
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