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LED sport perimeter led display
Football fans should have noticed from the TV broadcast that in some important matches for example the UEFA, the traditional wooden billboards around the playground not exist any more, instead of which is the dynamic sport perimeter LED display. The display owners sell media space to more advertisers and share benefit with the related organizers. And view from the advertisers, the vivid advertising image and letters leave a deeper impression to the audience.
 Creative Sport Perimeter LED display gives an excellent media opportunity between advertisers, organizers, and audience. In addition, the telecast make the information spead all over the world. 
Function of software divided, free to show any content of your idea in multi-window
Correction dot by dot suitable for any pixel, module, cabinet and the whole display, perfect white balance
2000HZ refresh frequency, no vision interruption when broadcast or taking photo
Soft covers on the top and surface to protect players
Gradient of the display adjustable, satisfy the different viewing angle 
The Sports perimeter LED display is most commonly used for advertising on the perimeter/boundary of a football ground, cricket ground, baseball ground, etc for outdoor purposes and also indoor as well for basketball, ice hockey, tennis court.
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