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Portable LED display screens
As one of the most potential business, Audio-Video equipments rental has been developing very fast. Especially in recent years, LED display is gradually taking the place of the traditional video media in this field for its flexible area, easy transport and installation-disassembly, and the unexampled video performance.
More and more LED display businessman realize the great commercial opportunity to invest an portable LED display, rental and benefit from which. 

Super light and thin cabinet with handles design, easy assembly
Hanging structure design with gapless connection, quickly installation and dismantling
Cables concealed, no messy cables on the back of display
Compatible different signal input
Same brightness and color in different block of production, add cabinets without different performance
Color and brightness simultaneously adjusted, vivid and high definition images.
High contrast and refresh rate, no delay and stagnancy in image 
 Portable LED display is perfect for car shows, sporting events, expositions, fashion shows, concerts, public community events, ceremonies, conventions, radio and television promotions, and charitable fundraisers. It creates an unique vision experience in audience. In addition, the animative video and vivid image become an effective and impressive media for advertisers to prompt their products and service.
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