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P10mm SMD DIP LED display
To cover the requirements of both indoor and outdoor environments, application of advertising, events, show, sport perimeter billboards etc, we have developed the outstanding P10  LED display for multifunction using purpose.
The multifunction LED display has a pixel pitch of 10mm and brightness over 7500nits, viewing angle 160°/ 120°, hanging design for rental, and adjustable bracket for sport perimeter LED display. It owns all the characters of rental purpose unit, sport perimeter LED display, and perform better than normal advertising billboards and stage background LED display. 
Perfect quality and stability, IP65 Ruggedness, 24/7 running
Anti-moisture&corrosion, -40°-60° operation
≤1mm surface level up, smooth video
Compatible different signal input
Same brightness and color in different block of production, add cabinets without different performance
Color and brightness simultaneously adjusted, vivid and high definition images.
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