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SMD LED Display is better than DIP led display

SMD LED Display

In the recent years, using SMD as the technology of LED display products is the market trend. one of the earliest companies who use and master SMD technology. We are mainly using 3230 and 3129 chips, and 3230  means that the encapsulation size is 3.1*2.9 mm while 3129 means 3.1*2.9mm. SMD can be both of indoor, outdoor using and SMD module.

advantages/feature of SMD LED display compare to DIP LED screen
Compared with DIP products, the advantages of SMD products are as below:

1 better effect of color mixture
SMD requires higher soldering technology and more mass production procedure than DIP, 3 chips are encapsulated within a small cup which make a much smaller pixel pitch between the 3 chips. So SMD is with higher proportion in color, better color mixed effect and also a closer view distance than DIP LED.

2. energy saving:
Due to the chip size of the SMD lamps, it needs low energy to work, which will help to save about 30% than the DIP LED display.

3. Smaller chip size, less space occupying and special mounting technology enable us to produce higher density displays. We have already proved it by launching P4 SMD indoor LED display recently.

4. Less materials in the SMD lamps, without the long feet than the DIP LEDs, will make the screen lighter. 

5. Wider angle of luminescence
DIP lamp mainly uses "U" shape lamp cup and the chip position is always in the bottom of the "U", so it has a smaller view angle than SMD lamps because SMD will encapsulate the chip on the surface of the cup.

In general, as the improving technology of the SMD and chips luminance with smaller size, SMD will be more and more used in both indoor and outdoor display application.  will be always focus on the leading technology developments and provide you the best and the latest products.
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