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SMD modules and DIP led modules
What is SMD led modules'advantage and disadvantage:
 What is SMD led modules?
 SMD led mdoule also named SMT(surface mounted technology),through the SMT technology encapsulating diode, solodering this lamp on the PCB board surface,should not plug the lamp feet to the PCB board,so it names SMD led moule, using for indoor full color led display.
What is SMD led modules'advantage
high view angle,
good at display video and pictures,(small pitch between the smallest brighting dots)
Good using for indoor,
What is SMD led modules' disadvantage
low brightness ,
not good for lamp heat dissipation
What is led DIP and SMD mdoules advantage and disadvantage
 LED DIP mdoules are throught the DIP(Dual in-line package) technology,after soldering the led lampes feet to stable it on the PCB board.,so it names of LED DIP modules,it has high brightness and waterproof ,using for outdoor using
high brightness and view angle,(it can be common display under the strong sunny) good at heat dissipation
pixles are dense,(large pitch between the smallest brighting dots)
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