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Outdoor advertising SMD LED display screen P10 P16
Product features: 
The degree of uniformity to the screen body is high, basic uniformity is 5%, the highest is 1%; With online single point test function, it can real-time test to see whether all the pixel of the screen is out of work, and it can remote transmission each pixel working condition; Under high or low temperature, each module can maintain their shape, light module warranty five years; No dust and water stay, the drench water experiment showed that water just stay less than 5 minutes. There is a handle in the pan in order to install and maintain easily , the veil do not reflect lights, ultraviolet radiation resistant, five years do not fade, screen body contrast for 1000:1; The flatness coefficient is less than 0.5 mm, power factor is above 88% ; With low current work condition, white balance is 7000 CD per Square meters and the heat in the cabinet is below 40.
Product application:
applied to information public announcement, image advertisement, activity advertisement, etc.
The user benefits:
Photographic control system: according to the outdoor changes of light to automatically adjust the display screen brightness, keep the best display effect and dynamic power saving, reduce your operation cost;
High refresh high gray scale: vivid display effects, meet with high visual quality of business requirements;
double backup system: two computers control a screen, when a computer broke down, another computer can replace it, ensure the display screen working. The maintenance spare parts are modular design, easy to after-sales maintenance;
High effective optical fiber transmission system: effectively reduce the signal delay phenomenon caused by transmission distance, to ensure the picture play consistency;
remote network intelligent control system :you can change the content of several display in different cities by the remote synchronization control system and timeshare control system, Just click with the mouse ,the picture information can be easily replaced so as to realize the display advertising network cluster. Multi-function card achieve timing or manually at any time switch display, realize the unattended function.
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