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Where To Locate Your LED Display Screen?
LED screens are revolutionizing the way advertising is done. Companies that use LED screens as part of their advertising strategy are seeing returns almost immediately. You can either buy them or rent them, and you can use a combination of screens for your business. You can position them anywhere - both indoors and outdoors.
Some businesses will post one outside their business to attract attention and let people know they are there. They will post another one inside to give people something to look at while they wait for service (a great way to advertise, and a great way to generate income by advertising for other companies on your LED screen).
You can also rent space on other indoor and outdoor LED screens to advertise your business. For example, consider renting space on an outdoor billboard along the highway operated by the city council. Keys to successful positioning are:
• Plenty of foot traffic
• People waiting in line
• Passers by who need to get your message
Indoor LED Screens
Think about placing indoor LED screens anywhere you have foot traffic, where crowds gather, or where people are waiting in line. That might be in your lobby,   mounted on a wall, suspended from a ceiling, on a special mounting, even installed on the floor.
The key to locating them is to calculate the viewing distance necessary so that passers by get a great view of the screen without standing too close. If there is only a small area, then think about mounting them up high and pointing the screen down into the crowd.
LED screens are great for advertising but they are also an excellent way to communicate information. For example, at an airport you might want signage to indicate that travelers carrying certain passports go one way and people from the other region go another.
In a building lobby of a large or small company that has multiple locations you might want an indoor LED screen to welcome visitors from other regions. Because you can program variable displays, you can benefit from advertising or passing along other information on the same screen.
Outdoor LED Screens
Outdoor LED screens are used along highways and outside shopping malls to let people know your business is located inside. Car dealerships are making very wide use of LED screens for attracting people to special offers, great financing deals and show-casing the car deal of the week.
Outdoor screens need to be strategically mounted at your business location where people driving by will see it. Drivers will have plenty opportunity from far away to read the screen as they approach. Part of the attraction of super bright LED screens is their ability to be seen from far away.
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