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Large outdoor fixed displays P10

According to numerous analysts and commentators, the tragedy in New York clearly demonstrated what threats face mankind in the third millennium. In the first hours after the catastrophe, New York mobile phones were switched off, many Internet channels failed. For a certain period the informational vacuum only added to panicky mood of the people.

In these conditions, huge outdoor displays became an important informational tool for a large city. The outdoor screens that usually incessantly display commercials were now broadcasting live reports from the site, presidential address to people, warnings from the authorities and recommendations on proper behavior in these extreme circumstances.

We have written time and again that outdoor displays of large formats may perform not only the advertising function but also an essential function of informational support of population in case of emergencies. That is exactly what happened in New York where large “street television sets” became an extension of CNN. No doubt, the world has to reconsider the problems of security in large cities. From now on, networks of large outdoor displays will perform an indispensable role in plans of organizations and special services responsible for protecting population and clearing up after catastrophes.

Outdoor displays at exhibitions

The International Moscow Autoshow became a noticeable event in the otherwise sluggish cultural life of Moscow in August. For several year organizers have been promoting the event. As a result, Moscow Autoshow has become prestigious, and no serious manufacturer or distributor may afford not to participate.

Apart from professionals who visit the exhibition on business, it turns into a Mecca for curious Muscovites and tourists. The atmosphere is lively. Exactly the type of atmosphere when people are relaxed and prone to be affected by any outside information, i.e. advertising. That is why advertising is present everywhere in all forms and types: leaflets, brochures, balloons, plastic bags, and video advertising.

Firms of simpler status restrict themselves to TV displays. Reputable firms use a series of TV sets, or projection screens. For a specialist it is quite exciting to walk around pavilions looking not at flashy cars but at various types of screens. Projection (or plasma) screens indoors are quite useful: they are sufficiently bright and have good color saturation.

However, installed outdoors the projection screens are practically invisible. But the weather is perfect, there are plenty of people outdoors, it is just the place to attract them by commercials. The solution is obvious: in such conditions you need an outdoor display. The mobile outdoor LED displays are still rare in Russia, but they appear at various shown nonetheless. However, the Autoshow did not have one. It’s a pity. An outdoor display would be definitely worth installing there.

As the large displays becoming cheaper, lighter and easier to maintain, they push aside all other types of outdoor advertising. It is inevitable that in the near future there will be plenty of outdoor displays everywhere, and then the carnival atmosphere of exhibitions and shows will be enhanced by lively colors of electronic advertising.More professional approach to advertising was noticeable at the Airshow in a little town of Zhukovsky near Moscow. The mobile outdoor LED display was the hit of the show. It was obvious that LED outdoor display is very effective. In Europe and North America hardly any exhibition is organized without electronic displays. In Russia it is still a novelty.

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