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Milestone of led screen manufacturer

 Company History and Milestones:

2016 Htile was designated by the govenment as one of the previlaged companies that can get tax reductions from the govenment.
2015  Htile received the High-Tech Products Award from the Guangdong province;
2014  Htile launched D stage displays:D-series for rental applications and the small picel pitch S-series for indoor applications;
2013  Htile was selected as "Shenzhen Famous Brand";
2012  Htile was selected as Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise, National High and New Technology
2012  Htile was selected as Member of Shenzhen Commercial Association and Member of Shenzhen
            High-Tech Enterprise;
2011 Htile Launched new indoor rental series to replace traditional LED display concepts, starting a new era of large-size advertising LED displays;
2011  Htile was selected as Member of Shenzhen Semi-Conductor and Lighting Promotion     
            Association, Member of Shenzhen LED Industry Union, Director Unit of Shenzhen Industry       
2010  Htile was selected as Member of China Optical and Optoelectronic Industry Association,     
            Member of Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Development & Promotion Association, Member  
             Unit of China Entertainment Technology Association, Member of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber            
            of Commerce,Member of the Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Industry Association;
2010  Htile’s products were labeled as Chinese Green Environmental Protection Products;
2010  Htile received honorary titles as Chinese Famous Brand, Chinese Famous Enterprise, Quality,
            Service, Prestige AAA Unit.
2010  Htile became a member of Shenzhen LED Industry Union;
2009  Htile registered 3 utility model patents for LED display cabinet, new mesh LED screen an
            new curved shape LED display;
2009  Cooperated with Nichia to develop outdoor rental LED display
2008  Htile received credit level certificate;
2007  Htile received CE & FCC certificates for its key selling products;
2006  Shenzhen Htile Group Co., Ltd. was established,with a humble start.