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Company profile

Professional LED Display Screen Manufacturer

Situated in Shenzhen City,China, Htile Display Group Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of LED screens since the establishment in 2006. We integrate the R&D, production with sales and service of LED full color display, offering the whole solution for Indoor and outdoor LED display products.

With a humble start in 2006, we keep growing and glowing on the world stage, from the year 2000 on, we are developing rapidly and have established both domestic and international sales network, we opened many sub-offices in different provinces and cities, such as Zhengzhou,Shandong,Xi’an,Shenyang,Chengdu,Beijing, Jiangsu,Xinjiang etc;and we exported to more than 50 countries.
We produce the products with world standards.

All our operation processes have been ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001 certified,and we only use quality raw material from renowned suppliers around the world. The chips, ASM automobile lines, testing machines and sorting equipment are all introduced from Taiwan. What's more, from IQC, IPQC to PQC and FQC, all production stages are under strict inspection from our highly trained QC staff members. All our products have five years of warranty.
Overall competitiveness.

Htile not only keeps improving on the draftsmanship of LED display screens,but also enhancing product price competitiveness and overall market competitiveness.
&  Our indoor and outdoor LED screen strikes a perfect balance between quality and pricing.
&  3-Day for sample delivery, 10-Day for order delivery Finishing OEM Projects in 15 days
& For Indoor LED screens P3,P3.9,P4,P4.81,P5,P6 and outdoor displays P6,P8, P10,P16 and P20, we have major price advantage over our peers,while maintaining good performance.
&  We also pioneered the development of small pixel pitch screens.
We posses the full Range of LED display screens to meet clientele's diversified needs.

Htile has full range of the full color LED Screen displays: Indoor rental led display,outdoor rental led display,Indoor and outdoor fixed led displays,Front service led screen, LED stage display, LED irregular-shape display, truck mobile led display, LED sports display, LED traffic information display..etc for all kinds of rental and fixed solution for advertisements.
Our products are applied to advertising and branding, stadiums, events and entertainment, we provide our customers  with  different patterns of led product solutions. Now our products are widely used in dozens of countries worldwide, continuing to shine in the international renowned events and occasions, capturing the imagination of millions of viewers.
Innovation is our key to success.

To meet the needs of different customers,we continue to develop the company’s core R&D capabilities,employing a number of well-known engineers in the industry for product research and development,thus improving the core competitiveness. Our company is equipped with advanced facilities,like automated LED packaging equipment and LED testing equipment. And we take pride in the time and efforts we put on our staff's professional training,ths producing more quality goods.
We warmly welcome you to visit us and join our family to explore the business opportunities in the LED screen advertising market and cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship in the personal and professional level.